Embuer was set up with the objective of bringing in the latest in the hygiene technology across the world. We introduced a huge range of wipes based on nonwoven technology using novel fabric material for the betterment and hygiene of human life. Our products are responsible for providing handy hygiene without compromising on quality. There is growing demand for these wipes in household kitchens, hotels, restaurants, hospitals as well as industries.

Our multi use wipes are being made from novel non woven fabric & technology with multi friendly features that are very effective in terms of usage, hygiene and cost. These wipes are convenient to use, soft, high absorbent, lint free, washable and odorless. Our wide range of industrial wipes are used in automobile companies as well as printing houses, car workshops, clean rooms, hotels, hospitals and other similar industries where hygiene, super absorbency, lint free and high tensile strength is required.

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