Intriguing and interesting times we are into. This apparently has been the most thought over product bought from the supermarket in 2020. Hygiene and Sanitizing products created new sections and were introduced at all the shops, supermarkets and each and every online marketing website. 

Unquestionably, the thought process going into this product choice is imperative, and the question it brings forward absolutely pertinent. 

So, which wipe to buy, the 70% Alcohol or the Alcohol-free wipe? 

Hmmm…well, technically speaking the answer lies on the label itself, that is if we are aware what requirements the composition printed on the label fulfils. Some manufactures are generous enough to mention not just the proportion of composition, but also the utility of each, but space constraints on the product label usually leave many questions unanswered, so we find a large number of people at the supermarket fiddling with these newly introduced sanitizing products, some intently peering with their spectacles on these finely printed texts on wipe canisters and zip pouches, for once not looking into the production, expiry date or the pricing but curiously looking for information to make this all-important health determining choice for the entire family. We have here tried coming forth with all that we could find about their composition and what the composites achieve in terms of hygiene. 

Let’s begin with the 70% Alcohol Wipes, their composition and what they do, 

Ethyl Alcohol at 70% concentration has a very fast antibacterial action against germs and so is very effective as a sanitizing disinfectant. Alcohol Wipes are a blessing when we are travelling and are a must in the travelling kit, in fact since the advent of this pandemic it becomes imperative to keep a few Alcohol wipes in our everyday travel bag. The Alcohol dries very quickly and so the singles pack in Alcohol Wipes for individual travelling is such a relief. Just as the canister is a sensible and reasonable option to be kept at home, and for family outings. 

Isopropyl Alcohol kills 99.99% of germs & diverse range of microorganisms on contact, it is an approved content by most medical associations and is mostly found as the main content on disinfectants used for the medical purposes. These 70% Alcohol wipes are equally effective for cleaning instruments and non-invasive medical devices. Alcohol Wipes come in handy to disinfect the doorknobs, door handles, the fridge handle and the other most touched areas of the house, they are equally effective in cleaning our electronic gadgets and should be used at least once a day.

● Alcohol’s inherent nature of deep pore cleansing can leave the skin dry, the Vitamin E antioxidant present in the Alcohol Wipes is safe and gentle on the skin, it nourishes & protects the skin from damage. 

Benzethonium chloride is an antiseptic antifungal & medically suitable for cleaning wounds. 

Isopropyl Glycol Glycerine leaves skin moisturized, feeling fresh after use & has a long-lasting antimicrobial effect. 

Isopropyl myristate is a medical polar emollient that allows good & easy absorption & locks moisture allowing the skin the softness it deserves. 

So, It makes perfect sense to say that 70% Alcohol Wipes sanitizes hygienically & cleans skin effectively and are absolutely suitable for everyday use. 

So that brings us to the question, 

Why use Alcohol-Free wipes? 

What advantage do they bring to the table? 

Alcohol-free Wipes generally simply called Wet Wipes or Natural Wipes are used for regular general personal care purposes, Skin cleansing wipes, Makeup removing wipes and Baby Wipes all fall into this category. 

Wet Wipes contain cleansers and small amounts of soap that make them suitable for skin Cleansing. The Benzethonium chloride present in a small proportion helps in general cleaning inhibiting the growth of germs but is not equipped to kill them. And so cannot be used to sanitize surfaces with high touchpoints. 

They contain natural and essential oils and compounds that bring perfume, which works well when used where high sanitizing is not required and cleansed, healthy and soft skin is the requirement. In fact, to be specific Alcohol-Free Wipes are the ideal choice when skincare & only general hygiene is to be maintained since too much of Alcohol could cause skin irritation. This also explains why Baby Wipes are Alcohol-Free Wipes, harsh chemicals & paraben free with large quantities of natural oil and aloe to keep gentle baby skin soft and clean, moisturizing & retaining it.

So, Here We are with the complete product composition information, Both are essential, Both equally effective in their role and function and Both should invariably be bought and used on appropriate discretion. 


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