Hygiene Measures To Imbibe For Returning To Work At The Office.

Life of late has started revealing itself like a computer game, with the challenges refusing to deter, and by the time, we stumble, learn, pick ourselves up, somehow manage to get around & past a level…boy-o-boy the next level with it’s multifaceted & manifold challenges are standing arms crossed, smiling defiantly at us…ahem… let’s gear up!!!

So the year 2021 has begun, we already are past January, with most of us having found our way back to our office desks. That is to say, the morning rush at home, the neatly packed lunch boxes have made their comeback, masks, the files, daily planners, laptops, chargers, keys, wallets, pens, spectacles and our inseparable [AI enabled making us a cyborg] Mobile Phones have again begun making their scheduled routine outings in our office bags in cars, pooled cars,cabs, bikes, autos, buses, meaning we, office travellers are all venturing  into probable virus risk zones on a daily basis, and yes we are taking some mandatory precautions like the mask, the hand sanitizer and the wide smiled “Hello!” communicating the same zeal, that of a firm grip handshake, some of us also carry wipes. 

But are these precautionary measures enough or do we need to take some more steps to ensure safe hygiene ?

Of Course, we do require more measures, these practices are bare minimum, considering the exposure we are taking each day and the risk that is associated.

The markets are abuzz with solutions, we just need to be hygienically discretionary to know where & what are the risks we are dealing with and need to be market aware to pick pocket friendly correct products.

Identifying and disinfecting the high risk areas:

The frequently touched things and surfaces tend to become high risk areas, our entire office bag contents need to be properly sanitized, multiple times through the day which does include our spectacles, mobile phones, laptops, keys, wallets, the office desk. All it takes is 70% Alcohol Wipes to rub the surface clean, sanitizing them perfectly.

And do not forget The Office Bag itself needs to be disinfected regularly  depending upon the type of bag you are using, if it’s washable wash it on the weekend if its the classic case run the wipes generously, It gets exposed may too much and we tend to be touching it quite often to make it high risk s

These Alcohol wipes are really very effective, don’t step out of home for the office without them, they come in handy practically anytime when our hands need to hit that perfect hygiene quotient.The canister pack is fine if you carry a large bag and are a high hygiene champ, else if you otherwise use disposable paper tissues and hand sanitizers to disinfect the high touch surfaces then carrying a few singles pack of these Alcohol wipes can do you good too, but carry them nevertheless.

If you commute to the office by your car or pooled, its equally important to disinfect the vehicle regularly, the steering wheel, the gears shifter, the door handles & dashboard needs to be sanitized, you can choose Alcohol Wipes or the tissue + sanitizer option, the seat covers regularly disinfected & washed clean depending on the type of fabric they are of. The car should be regularly vacuumed so no bacteria settles in any hidden nook or corner. Keeping a pack of Wipes in the car dashboard is sensible.

If you travel by public transport wearing gloves or holding a paper hanky to touch any surface while boarding or alighting is imperative, and be mindful of sanitizing your hand after travel or in case you have a habit of touching your face often holding on to an Alcohol Wipe in your hand is mandatory to protect against any virus transfer since the surfaces on the public transport are highly prone to bacteria built up.

Avoid touching the office building door handles , the office lift boards with bare hands, use a key instead to select floors, keep a tissue in hands or wear gloves to open doors

Once you reach your allocated workstation at office [which should be disinfected and cleaned before an employee reaches and when the employee leaves for the day] wash your hands 

clean with soap and water, maintain social distancing, cover your face with masks, encourage remote virtual meetings and avoid business travels unless absolutely necessary.Encourage others to use the hand sanitizers or wipes. Most Employers are aware of the high hygiene requirements post this pandemic and are taking due care of their employees by keeping a healthy supply of sanitizers at the entry and disinfecting  the workplace as per the norms and issuing guidelines from time to time. 

If you, or any other employee is unwell, take leave to recover else it puts the others at risk of contracting it.

It was challenging to work from home….wonderful to be back at the office but the challenge has multiplied, a little effort at maintaining routine precautionary measures and generous stocks of Hand Sanitizers, Alcohol Wipes, Paper Hankies shall surely help scale the challenge successfully.

 The benefit …healthy us & optimal output at work….effort totally worth The result !!!

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