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One of the most vital factors assuring our personal good health is that we keep our homes clean. Come 2020, and the parameters of hygiene changed gradient, clean was no longer sufficient to ensure hygienic conditions, homes now need to be disinfected.

The virus that created havoc though affects the respiratory system and travels through droplets in the air but the germs could stay active for hours and days on surfaces. Therefore disinfecting & cleaning the surfaces we regularly come into contact with becomes our top priority.

Cleaning removes germs, dirt and impurities from a variety of surfaces. It does not kill all germs, but by removing them it lowers the risk of spreading infection. Whereas, disinfecting the surface is done by using chemical disinfectants to kill germs & microorganisms present on surfaces.

Based on the requirement, specific sanitizing products are available in the markets today, here let us workout seven comprehensive steps to live germ-free in a healthy and hygienic home.


The floors after being mopped and cleaned with water and soap water are to be wiped clean with a disinfectant. We need to allocate different dusters/wipes for different surfaces to be disinfected. The kitchen top needs two separate dusters, a kitchen scrubber to scrap the oily and greasy spills from the surface of the gas stove and the kitchen top, and a regular Multiuse wipe that could be used both dry and wet as per the requirement. After disinfecting the cloth needs to be washed and dried regularly. Separate Multi-Use Wipes should be allocated to disinfect the dining table top, the chairs and other surfaces that come in regular touch.


The doorknobs, door handles, handles of rooms and cupboards, fridge and bathroom faucets are on the list of the most touched surfaces and most likely to be carrying germs and micro bacteria. These surfaces need to be disinfected, 70% Alcohol Wet Wipes are very effective in killing 99.9% of germs on contact. We should sanitize these most touched places in our house at least twice in the day.

STEP 3 :

Mobile Phones can be considered as much a part of our body, the third hand of sorts, and just like our hands, these mobile phones are very susceptible to be carrying a varied variety of bacteria and germs on them. Mobile phones need to be shut before cleaning them, alcohol-based Sanitizing Wet Wipes should be preferably used to clean the outside parts of our phone to avoid any damage to the device. Most manufacturers have been issuing guidelines with regards to their specific makes and we should follow them to avoid any damage.


Since travelling to work took a hit, most of us have been working from home. The time shared on our laptops increases the probability of germ transfer, regular usage of alcohol-based Sanitizing Wet wipes are a good way to keep the microbes at bay. The ethyl alcohol present in these wipes kills bacteria right on contact leaving the surface clean and safe.


We have already seen that task-specific Multiuse Wipes are an effective hygiene maintaining tool in our Kitchen. These wipes need to be replaced in due time with say about 500 launderings, a wide variety of disposable Multi-use Wipes and Scrubbers are now available in our supermarkets. These wipes are made up of novel non-woven microfibres that have excellent cleaning potential. The microfibres are porous quick in absorption and equally quick to dry. Another hygiene habit is the use of Kitchen Towels, the storage containers need to be rubbed clean with the help of towels as on frequent touching the containers get germ contaminated, the utensils after a good wash need to be rubbed dry to remove the water droplets that stay on for a longer time increasing the chances of bacteria settling on them. These towels come in handy in maintaining the raised standards of hygiene demanded by the times we are in. These kitchen towels are available off the shelf in supermarkets and online, they are multi-use, washable and disposable making them an environment friendly choice


Some small yet key items to sanitize, our House Keys to start with, we walk in from outside, these keys carry a load full of germs either we should use the hand sanitizing spray and rub them off with disposable hand wipes or use alcohol-based Wet Wipes to rub the keys clean. 

The other neglected item is the remote control, a carrier host of bacteria, it needs to be disinfected using the market & online available effective 70% Alcohol Wet Wipes. 

Wallets and our Spectacles also should be treated with caution and should be regularly disinfected.


So, now the house is disinfected spic span hygienic absolutely germfree, needless to say, the most important element in our home is us, and hygiene of our hands needs to be checked regularly to keep us and our loved ones safe and protected. Hand Sanitizers and Alcohol Wet Wipes are excellent options. Our baby’s Baby Wipes can also be used to clean the tender hand’s fingers and toys of our little ones from time to time. Hand Sanitizers and wet wipes are also to be placed near the main door of our homes for easy access when stepping in or when we have visitors.

Here we need to pause and reflect on the choices we make in the products we buy.

It makes perfect sense to choose biodegradable products that do not burden the environment. We are to take care of ourselves and our blue-green planet together.

Here we go all set to experience good health, a perfectly hygienic healthy home, maintain healthy habits and make socially responsible product choices.

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