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  • Embuer Sooth n Smooth 100 Pieces


    Embuer Sooth n Smooth is a unique cosmetic dry wipe A gentle and fragrant touch. Refreshes your skin instantly Dissolves all traces of dirt, oil and makeup immediately. Gives fresh and glowing skin Use it anywhere and anytime Maintains the ph balance and hydration level of skin 100% Biodegradable & Eco-friendly Dimension (30x27x7).

  • Embuer Waxing Strips

    Embuer Waxing Strips 100 Strips


    Premium quality non-woven fabric for smooth waxing experience Extra-large strips for firm grip Suitable for all skin types Enhances effective and smooth waxing procedure Suitable for all kinds of wax Pulls deep root hairs even in heavy growth Does not tear like other wax strips gives you a perfect smooth skin without remains of tanning 100% Biodegradable & Eco-friendly Dimension ( 30x11x3 cm )

  • Embuer 3-Ply Face Mask 25 Pieces


    Embuer 3 Play face mask made of non-woven fabric comes with 3 layer protection

  • N95 Reusable Face Mask

    Embuer N95 Reusable Face Mask 02 Pieces


    OSH approved for at least 95 percent filtration efficiency against certain non-oil based particles
    Two-strap design with welded dual point attachment helps provide a secure seal
    Cushioning nose foam
    Adjustable nose clip helps provide a custom fit and secure seal
    Advanced electrostatic media is designed for ease of breathing