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Embuer Duster 20 Pieces


These cellulose base, with one of their exceptional qualities, lies in easy absorbing & releasing the liquid contents due to which germs & bacterial growth is prevented. Forget the messy rags. It’s time to welcome a new way of life. These completely practical, convenient and super absorbent wipes can be used to clean anything, from crockery to automobiles, Embuer Multi-Use Duster will turn your world into hygiene heaven.

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Cleaning is essential for a healthy and hygienic lifestyle, but the cleaning wipes that you use should also leave the surface neat, bacteria-free and completely sparkling.

The cellulose-based Embuer dusters help you ensure this and much more with their superior quality cellulose-based fiber. One of the exceptional qualities of these dusters lies in easy absorption & release of liquid contents due to which germs & bacterial growth is prevented. The fabric used in making these dusters works as static force and attracts dust from all sides it is used for cleaning. Due to this inherent quality, Embuer dusters are extremely good for cleaning windows, bathrooms, chrome fixtures, fittings, fans, electrical switches, expensive show pieces, and electronic items such as television, stereo system etc. Embuer dusters are completely practical, convenient and super absorbent and will turn your world to a hygiene heaven.

These dusters function like a magnet to collect dust particles and are easy to wash, maintain and reuse. They are ideal for cleaning rough and smooth surfaces in kitchen, dining area, bookshelves, ceiling fans and more.

Made of completely non-toxic, natural material, Embuer duster is an environment-friendly proudly product made in India for Indians and the rest of the world. If you want to remove germs and dust from all corners of your house/office and ensure that you contribute to environment somehow- buy Embuer products.

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Weight 70 g
Dimensions 29 × 16 × 1.5 cm

Soft& handy Static attracts dust Low lint Highly Convenient Super absorbent Easy to wash, reuse and maintain Removes dirt and dust smoothly Quick dry


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