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Embuer Kitchen Towel “08” Inch Sheets


Multi-Purpose Towel/Roll made of Premium quality Non-Woven fabric, Quick dry technology, High absorbent, Handy & Easy to use, Ideal towel for Kitchen, Washroom, Sports, Traveling, Beauty parlors & Spa, Comes in Blue & Pink color, 100% Biodegradable & Eco-friendly.

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Ask any professional chef or a homemaker. The most important cleaning tool in the kitchen is a good quality kitchen towel that helps them keep the cooking area clean and completely hygienic- all the time effortlessly.

From drying dishes to removing tough and stickier foods from gas stoves or counters, kitchen towels are extremely desirable for almost every kitchen need. What if they are available in bulk? Won’t that make your job easier?

Embuer presents the finest range of non-woven, super absorbent, lint-free, cellulose-based kitchen towels for multiple usages in the kitchen. Use them for drying dishes, wiping off hands, cleaning kitchen surfaces and precious crockery. they are extremely smooth and are constructed using quick-dry technology.

These towels are reusable, eco-friendly, free of any chemicals and are thus safe for skin and crockery.

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Product Dimensions:

20 x 20 x 23 cm; 600 Grams


Soft & handy Super Absorbent Quick dry Tough on stains, easy on skin and crockery Antibacterial properties, free of chemicals Available in compact packaging Environment friendly


Kitchen, Personal Care, Sports, Traveling, Beauty parlor and Spa


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