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Embuer Microfiber Cloth 02 Pieces


Premium quality Microfiber cloth Low-Lint Wrinkle Free Super Absorbent Washable & Reusable Ideal for dusting, cleaning, polishing car/bike, glass windows & home appliances 100% Biodegradable & Eco-friendly

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Microfiber is a highly effective man-made material, which has been created from finely woven polyester and polymide fibers. While polyester lends microfiber its strength, polymide lends it a unique softness. As a result, the material is a perfect fit for rough and laborious use. Microfiber picks up and holds dirt, grime as well as water and does not require use of harmful chemicals or cleansing liquids.

Microfiber is an ideal wiping product if you are looking for superior cleaning experience coupled with excellent shine. While they are tough on stains, grease and oil, they are extremely safe for industry use. As they are made of extremely fine fibers of polyester, they attach themselves to dirt and dust or greasy surfaces and offer amazing cleaning experience. They are anti-scratch, washable, and completely reusable. They are soft to touch and are extremely durable.

Investing in a good microfiber wipe will help you clean hygienically. Various studies indicate that with the use of microfiber for cleaning, while the rate of infection reduced, the performance of the re-usable microfiber wipe increased manifolds. With numerous benefits associated with its usage, the use of microfiber in industry and households has picked momentum.

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Weight 0.25 g
Dimensions 33 × 17 × 6 cm

Soft and durable Super absorbent Great strength Hygienic cleaning Ideal for rough and laborious use Attracts and retains dirt, grease, oil until next wash Superior, anti-scratch cleaning experience Washable, reusable Gets better with every wash


Automotive, Housekeeping, Daycare, hospital, garage, electronics


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