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Embuer Multiuse Wipes 20 Pieces


Multi-Use Wipe, Cellulose Base, Lint Free, Highly Absorbent, Premium Quality, Quick Dry, Removes Oil & Grease, Sauce and other Thick Liquids, Reusable and Biodegradable. Available in 3 colors.

Technical Specifications:
1. Color: Orange.
2. Retail Packing: 20 Pcs

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Gone are the days of the messy rags that make cleaning a detested job. Yes, it is now available from Embuer –Multi-Use Wipes. The cellulose fabric of the wipes with its high-tensile strength makes them reusable and increases their durability even after machine or hand wash. They are also Lint-free and anti-shrinkable with high absorbent quality facilitating the removal of oil, grease, water, sauce, and other thick liquids.

One of their exceptional qualities lies in easily absorbing & releasing the liquid contents due to which any germs & bacterial growth is prevented on its surface. This makes the wipes quick dryable and best alternate against the ordinary foam used to clean the tables. The fabric base is long and strong enough to pick up hot utensils or Roti/Phulka and thus proving its dominance as a multi-purpose wipe.
Not only these wipes are strong to bear all types of cleaning pressure, but they are super absorbent and extremely convenient and thus can be used to clean anything- from crockery to automobiles and kitchen shelves to furniture.

Additional information

Package Dimensions:

33 x 17 x 6 cm; 250 Grams

Applications /Usage:

Useful for Kitchen, Crockery, Glass, Wood, Metal, and Electronics.


High-tensile strength, Reusable, washable multi-use wipes, Anti-shrinkable, highly absorbent, Quickly dryable, Strong enough to pick hot utensils, store rotis/phulkas. Help you clean crockery to automobiles.


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