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Embuer Roti Wrap 06 Pieces


Made of Premium quality cellulose base fabric, Hygienic & odorless Low lint Microwave safe and washable Plastic & aluminum-free Extremely absorbent Preserve the original taste and freshness of chapatis or bread Ideal for Lunch box/tiffin, casseroles, deep fry items 100% Biodegradable & Eco-friendly (Dimension 30x40cm)

Applications: For lunch box/tiffin, casseroles, deep fry items, re-hearing in microwave, sprouts

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Think of sweet aroma of freshly prepared rotis, think of Embuer roti wrap! Yes, Embuer roti/food wraps help you maintain the freshness and aroma of rotis and is a perfect substitute the age-old cotton and aluminum foil.
Embuer roti/food wrap is completely hygienic, low lint, microwave-safe and washable. With high-end cellulose base fabric, which is extremely absorbent, use it to preserve the original taste and freshness of chapati or breads. It absorbs excess oil and ghee from deep friend food items. Embuer multi-purpose roti wraps are not only used for wrapping rotis but for also used for making and heating Phulkas, sprouting, hanging curd, and cheese making.
Aluminum may help you keep your chapati moist and soft but there is certainly a cause for worry. Remember that aluminum is highly reactive if some part of it seeps into your meal it can certainly pose a dangerous situation for young kids and adults.
Unfortunately, the cotton cloth used in kitchen for rotis or cleaning purposes is a breeding ground for bacterial growth, retains odors and not absorbent. Embuer roti wrap, on the other hand, is highly absorbent, completely Mircowave-safe, washable, reusable, and dries quickly. Made of superior quality low-lint cellulose-based fabric, it helps you extend a helping for protecting environment.

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Weight 70 g
Dimensions 23 × 17 × 2 cm

Maintains freshness and aroma of food items Perfect substitute for aluminum and cloth wraps Highly absorbent Washable & Reusable Environment friendly Made of non-woven material Microwave-safe Dries quickly Useful for roti making, wrapping, curd hanging, cheese making, sprouting


For lunch box/tiffin, casseroles, deep fry items, for re-heating in microwave, sprouts, hang curd


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