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Embuer Scrubber 05 Pieces


Premium quality cellulose-based fabric Anti-scratch Low lint Heavy-duty Washable & Reuseable Plastic & Aluminium free No synthetic or rubber-based adhesives used 100% Biodegradable & Eco-friendly Dimension ( 24x18x2 cm)

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Heavy Duty and anti-scratch Embuer scrubbers/wipes are formed of cellulose-based fabric treated with MICROBAN technology to prevent any bacterial and microbial growth to keep your environment hygienic and at the same time dirt-free. The MICROBAN technology aids the Embuer scrubbers/wipes to reduce the effect of infectious bacterial growth to save your environment.

These polyester fabric-based wipes are lint free and super-absorbent and soak grease, oil, water, etc. easily. It is easier to clean them in washing machines and re-use as desired. Anti-scratch is one of their finest quality, which makes the wipes fare better than the ordinary scrubbers. These scrubbers are suited for strong and tough fluids such as grease from your automobile, and oil content in kitchens from various types of surfaces.

Embuer scrubbers are environment-friendly and hygienic and able enough to remove germs and bacteria. Its odorless nature keeps you away from the irresistible odor while washing and cleaning things. The polyester fabric of the wipes aids its high-tensile strength which makes them re-usable and increases their durability for long-lasting performance.

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Weight 0.25 g
Dimensions 33 × 17 × 6 cm

Super Absorbent – Remove germs & bacteria – Lint Free High Tensile strength – Anti Scratch – Environment Friendly Heavy Duty – Quick Dry -Germ free


Kitchen, machines, factories, housekeeping


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