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Embuer Waxing Strips 100 Strips


Premium quality non-woven fabric for smooth waxing experience Extra-large strips for firm grip Suitable for all skin types Enhances effective and smooth waxing procedure Suitable for all kinds of wax Pulls deep root hairs even in heavy growth Does not tear like other wax strips gives you a perfect smooth skin without remains of tanning 100% Biodegradable & Eco-friendly Dimension ( 30x11x3 cm )

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Embuer Health Pvt Ltd is located in the heart of India at New Delhi and is a leading manufacturer and supplier of superior quality, multi use and cost-effective wipes and table napkins. Found way back in 2011, Embuer has pioneered the concept of bringing ultra-clean, superior quality and versatile range of baby wipes, kitchen wipes, kitchen rolls, roti wraps, wet wipes, industrial wipes and serving napkins to a health and hygienic conscious consumer.

Embuer has been the first company to introduce the novel, non-woven range of fabrics to cater to the need for good quality, healthy and hygiene products in the Indian market. We have a passion for innovation and zeal to maintain quality standards which sets us apart from our competitors. We, at Embuer, recognize that there is a growing awareness and need for personal hygiene and hence we have introduced a wide range of wiping products to provide super smooth hygienic experience as well as value for money.

Embuer’s line of wiping products ensures not only quality wiping but also is quite handy and comfortable. Embuer products have been designed for multiple applications and are meant for wiping needs of an individual as well as the industry.

WAXING STRIPS, which are used to pull off hair, are made of Non-woven polypropylene fiber. This is a type of plastic. When asked, some of the ‘Parlor ladies’ said that they dump the waxing strips in the common dustbins with other garbage and the rag pickers of that area dumps those strips with other garbage in dump pits or dumping areas. Now wonder how harmful this plastic is for –

∙ The soil because polypropylene is non-biodegradable
∙ The animals who consume food through the dumped garbage
∙ The air when that plastic is burned
∙ The Humans who are the reason for this degradation and dependent on the nature.

Embuer has been working to produce goods which are Eco-friendly and Biodegradable. In the same demeanor, we are coming with a new product which defines our USP- Eco Friendly and Biodegradable Waxing Strips. These strips are paper-based with high fiber.

If you would like to see a sample first, please let us know your address. We assure you that you would like the strips.

We are even starting a campaign Fight-Against-Plastic Campaign.
Ms. Bhargsetu (Roadies Real hero and the founder of Humans with Humanity), Ms. Sonali (owner of Pet Street Online) and Sankalp team (NGO) are already on board.

We would also love to connect/partner with you and get you in this campaign FIGHT AGAINST PLASTIC. Do visit our website and our enclosed brochure to check out our other range of Eco-friendly products. Let us know how we can come together and Fight-Against-Plastic.

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Weight 70 g
Dimensions 23 × 17 × 2 cm


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